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The Gateway CSA provides for road, water, sewer, drainage and other infrastructure at the Gateway of the Americas Specific Plan Area located at the Eastern Border Crossing of the Imperial Valley. The SPA is an approximate 1700 acre industrial commercial area. The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance activities of the infrastructure, acts as the CSA Engineer and staff for the Gateway Board which is the County Board of Supervisors. During 2005 and 2006 a Service Area Plan update was being worked on by Hoffman Planning and a Benefit Fee Analysis update was being reviewed by Boyle Engineering.

Gateway of the Americas - Benefit Report Update (2/27/07)

Gateway Service Area Plan

Gateway Fee Schedule

Public Works Policy Statement on Benefit Fee Calculations for Development

Engineering Design Guideline Manual

Gateway Map

2016 Consumer Confidence Report


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POE Colonia Waste Water System


          The Poe Colonia is located in the south-central Imperial County approximately two miles west of the City of Brawley in an unincorporated community within Imperial County.  It is under the administrative jurisdiction of the County Board of Supervisors.  Locals often refer to the Poe Colonia as the Poe Subdivision.  State Highway 86, Cady and Kalin Roads are the main arterials to the community.


          The County has obtained Grant funding for street improvements in addition to grant funding for an onsite sewer treatment and collection system.   Public Works was requested to provide for the operation and maintenance of the sewer treatment system.

The Poe Colonia Service Area Plan has recently been adopted by LAFCO. Location Map


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Niland County Service Area # 1

The Niland CSA is responsible for street lights within the Niland townsite area.  Each year the Department reviews the proposed assessments from the tax rolls to determine the yearly unit fee to provide for the maintenance and operation of streetlights.  In 2005 Public Works contracted with Nolte Associates to provide for a Street Light Master Plan for the Niland CSA in order to evaluate the existing street lighting system, the need for additional street lighting as well as review of standards.  It is anticipated the work will be completed in 2006.  Location Map

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 Country Club Sewer Maintenance District

The Country Club Sewer District owns the sewer line and the County’s Board of Supervisors sits as the Board of Directors for the District.  The sewer line and lift station is currently maintained and serviced by the City of Holtville and paid for by Imperial County through  the residents of this district.  Imperial County is currently conducting a review to upgrade the current sewer line infrastructure.

 Proposed Development


Barbara Worth Country Club - Country Club Sewer

Country Club Sewer Maintenance District 2009 Rate Study

Country Club Sewer Maintenance District Sewer Rate Study Update -March 2013

Country Club Sewer Maintenance District Final Facilities Assessment Report – December 19, 2012




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