Completed Projects

Evan Hewes Highway from SR 111 to SR115

The Project consists of the rehabilitation of 5.5 miles of Evan Hewes highway and is located in Imperial County California. The rehabilitation consisted of micromilling the thermal/raised cracking in the traveled ways (2 lanes east and west), turn pockets and medians. 3/8” asphalt aggregate rubberized membrane (ARAM) was placed directly on top of the micromilled surface to minimize reflective cracking. 1.5” of rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) was placed in 1 lift and compacted.

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 Imperial County is proud to have contributed to this “Green” initiative and even more proud to announce that 37,998 waste tires were diverted from landfills for this project  


County Project 5104 – Evan Hewes Highway from Austin to Silsbee.

The project consists of a 3 mile 2 lane (1 east and 1 west) segment of Evan Hewes Highway west of the city of El Centro. Both east bound and west bound lanes were targeted as a part of this project. The project utilized 6,226.16 tons of Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (Recycled Passenger Car Tires). The rubberized binder utilized for the RAC was 466.96 tons. In addition to the RAC, the project utilized rubberized binder for the installation of the Asphalt Rubberized Aggregate Membrane (ARAM). A total of 58,036 SY of ARAM was placed by the contractor. The amount of rubberized binder used was 152 tons. A total of 8,439 passenger tires were diverted from the waste stream