Ed Delgado

Deputy Director of

 Public Works-Administration







Administrative Services & Personnel Division


Personnel and Administrative Services has department-wide responsibilities for coordinating the following services for the employees of the Department of Public Works:

All personnel-related functions


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable




Telephone and vehicle management

Courier mail


The section also provides telephone information, supplies and support for department administration and other sectors of Public Works.


Financial Services


The Financial Services Section has department-wide responsibilities for coordination and  preparation of all of the Department’s Line Item and Program Budgets totaling over $24 million and spreading throughout 33 unique funds.


The section also provides fiscal analysis, accounting support, expenditure and revenue monitoring, and conducts periodic operational and management reviews. 


Various reports prepared by Financial Services include:


Department Budget Position Control

Salary and Benefit Projections

Fund Balance Reports

Year-End Expenditure and Revenue Projections


Other services include coordinating the Year-End Closing process and preparing transfers,  program journals, and other budget and fiscal documents.


SAFE-Service Authority Freeway Emergencies -


After a majority of the cities and County adopted resolutions providing for the establishment of the authority, the Board of Supervisors established the Imperial County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) on March 27, 1990 and began collecting the $1.00 per registered vehicle in the County in June 1992. Due to a relative low vehicle registration and high number of miles in the county, the SAFE decided to collect revenues until such time sufficient funds were accumulated to provide call box service along the most heavily traveled routes.


In January 2000, 120 call boxes along Interstate 8 from the Arizona border to San Diego County line became operational. The system average 250 calls per month. As additional funds become available other call boxes will be installed.