Represented Defendants

If you are a defendant in a criminal case and you are represented by an attorney, the California Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit the District Attorney from communicating directly with you concerning your case. Please contact your attorney if you have questions concerning your case.

If you have questions other than reporting a crime you can contact the District Attorney’s Office at the following address:


County Administration Building

940 West Main Street, Suite 102

El Centro, California 92243



Child Support

As a result of state legislation, the Imperial County District Attorney's Office no longer has jurisdiction over child support collection and services. Please contact the Department of Child Support Services for more information.

Reporting a Crime

To report a crime, your first call must be made to your local police agency or responsible investigating agency. Police investigators and agencies respond to criminal complaints and, if they conclude charges should be filed, the case is referred to the District Attorney's Office for review.

Jury Service

Questions about jury duty can be answered by visiting the Jury Services page on the Superior Court website.

Speaker's Request

District Attorney Gilbert G. Otero, prosecutors and investigators are available to speak to community groups on criminal justice topics of interest. Presentations may focus on child abuse, elder abuse, juvenile justice, domestic violence, gang violence, workers’ compensation fraud, identity theft, and other areas of concern. To request a speaker, please click on the following icon to download the Speakers Request Form.

Speakers Request Form